10 things x 6 months – part 2

Things I like about being in America Things I miss about being in America in no particular order

(I had to edit the title of this list seeing that I’m actually back in Shanghai from now until the middle of August.)

1) Reuniting with family and friends
2) Trees, lots of trees
3) Not having to plan for/deal with crowds of people when going most places
4) Church community
5) That no-smoking signs actually mean no smoking
6) The luxury of not having to bring your own TP
7) Home cooking (besides my own … and well this trip I have to eat out every meal, so I might as well also say cooking at home)
8) Avocados, vegetables fresh from the garden, and blueberries
9) Internet (though I admit, I think it’s a good thing to be forced to disconnect from it from time to time)
10) That is so much easier to go on hikes, walks in the woods, & cross country skiing (I do like exploring cities, but I’d take the woods over a city most days)


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  1. I wondered when you’d get around to finishing this. Yes, I look forward to sharing those things with you when you are back home in the USA.

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