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Harbin to Beijing (Jan 24-27)

I took the train to Beijing where I stayed with a Chinese friend and graduate from NEFU, where I work, who’s been working as primary-school level teacher with a like-minded group. We baked a chocolate cake together to celebrate our birthdays (hers is a few days after mine).

Her place is way way way on the out-skirts of Beijing (as you can see from the photo above that looks like a open field and apartments in the distance) so needless to say I didn’t bother trying to see the normal touristy part of Beijing this trip.

While she was at work, I spent most of my time wandering around 望京 Wang Jing – a suburb which has a large Korean population and riding the bus and subway to and back from there (a hour and half each way because Beijing is so huge). It was great to get a different perspective on the city while also getting to spend time with a good friend!


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