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All around campus are signs commemorating the Sichuan earthquake.

It’s a far away place from here (about as far as Maine is from Texas), but the effects of it are still felt. I got to talk to some my students about it when they came into the office today. They told me about how they were in school at the time, studying for the college entrance exam, and didn’t know it had happened or how serious it was until they got home that evening. When they did finally see the TV reports they said they couldn’t stop crying.

A few weeks ago someone forwarded me this slideshow:
NPR Coverage of the Sichuan Earthquake
I’d encourage you to watch it, but you may need some tissues. The poem “Elegy” by He Xiaozhu at the end of it made me cry.

NPR has also done a series about one year after the quake. And so has China Daily. If you have time, they’re both worth perusing.


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