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Well, it’s been a while. I sorta lost momentum for posting on this blog when I no longer was able to see it what I posted, or even get on the blogger website to post. I could post by e-mail, but I never know what it ends up looking like! I guess I should just get used to that and stop making excuses.

Anyways, I’m in Thailand now, the land of sunshine, fresh fruit smoothies, and open internet. I’ve just finished two weeks of grad. classes – now I can finally enjoy the sunshine and have time to post a few things I wrote up this past fall! (I’ve already enjoyed quite a few fruit smoothies.)

Oh and I can’t forget the elephants. I didn’t get to ride one last year when I came, but I’m planning on it this year!


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THAILAND so far …

I’ve been in Thailand for a week now, here’s what I’ve done:

Got my hair cut
Got my teeth cleaned
Took a cooking class
Bought 3 used books
Read 1 of them, started another
Eaten lots of good food (except for the worm I almost ate with my fruit yesterday at breakfast)
Caught up on sleep

The highlight so far was definitely the cooking class. It was the best food that I’ve had so far … and haha! I cooked it.

Our teacher’s name was Suriyan, but he said “if you can’t remember my name, just call me international name: Obama.” He was a funny guy.

First we took a trip through the market and “Obama” explained a lot of the main ingredients of Thai cooking, curry pastes, a ginger-like root, lots of kinds of noodles, … I can’t remember it all now, good thing he gave us a cook book with all the info. We then rode out to his cooking studio, outside the city.

Our class was a group of 11 people, but he had it down to a science! Each person had their own cook area with a gas burner and cutting block. Most things were prepped for us ahead of time, but we had to do the chopping and cooking. As far as I know, there were no accidents.

Our first dish was a hot and sour prawn soup. Then we made Paneang curry with chicken. Then, using the wok, we made a phad Thai (stir-friend noodles) and then a cashew chicken. “Obama” also showed us how to make a sticky rice, but we didn’t make one, we just ate the one he made.

I was amazed at how fast everything was cooked. Thai food (or at least the dishes we cooked) seems to bee a fast cooking sort of food.

Here’s the entire meal that we sat down to. Yum!!!

Oh and I also went to Chiang Mai’s China Town to celebrate new years! It was so crowded. But I got a good view of the festivities. There were a few fireworks and lots of dancers … but it probably can’t compare to the celebrations in China right now.

I was looking forward to eating some Chinese food (I miss it) … but it was mostly Thai food.

I still have about a week more here in Thailand, but most of it. starting today, will be taken up with my teaching conference. With all the relaxing I’ve been doing in the past week, I’m looking forward to having some scheduled time.

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