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For the Mid-Autumn Holiday (yesterday) two of my co-teachers and I took a 39-hour tour to Changbai Shan (a.k.a. Baekdu Mountain (KO) or Perpetually White Mountain (EN)) – a famous volcanic mountain that boarders North Korea.

Here’s how the trip went:

1 hour in a taxi

2 hours waiting for the train

10 hours on an overnight train

4 hours on a tour bus

1 hour on another bus through the park

1 hour in line to wait for a jeep to the top

20 minutes (that I wish was 30 minutes) riding to the top

and finally…

40 minutes hiking & picture taking at the top of the volcano!

and then…

15 minutes (again, wish was 30 min…they drive dangerously fast) riding down

30 minutes on the bus again

30 minutes walking to the hot springs and back

30 minutes on the bus to get to the other bus

1.5 hours on the tour bus to get to lunch

45 minutes for lunch at a Korean-style restaurant

1.5 hours to the ginseng and deer antler farm & Northeast China specialty store

1.5 hours back to the Antu train station

1 hour for dinner at another Korean-style restaurant

2 hours waiting for the train

10 hours on an overnight train

10 minutes in a taxi

… but all the travel was so worth it because:

At the top of Changbai Shan, there’s a crater lake, called Tian Chi “Heaven Lake,” which most people don’t get a chance to see since it’s often covered in a thick mist. We got to see it!

It was also wonderful to get out of the city for a change!


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